New Owner of Chameleon - Wanting to ask for opinion, of what do you think does my Veiled Chameleon Looks healthy?

Thank you all for submitting your helps. I'll definetely stick this post as note in my browser, so i can always check it out and improve things within time. This is definetely gonna help me improve my cage, plants, feeding, lights. However my additional concerns is possition of fogger , i've put it behind up, hope that possition is still fine? Didn't find nowhere the exact location where it should be located.
The rest i understood, and i hope i'll be getting better things for him, aswell ordered calcium
Can someone of you just let me know if its any good, it doesn't have any D3 inside
biggest thanks to @Sonny13 that all was very detailed explained, thanks for your time and dedication to help me out with helping my pet.
Also to @MissSkittles & @MzLaurie11 for pointing out things that should be improved and better done!

I appriciate you all!! :))))

Fluker's Reptile Calcium Supplement Without Vitamin D3, Black, 2-Ounce (73015) amazon about$4.00​

Oh i have my fogger at the top rear corner. Took an empty small worm cup cut slits on the bottom and put the tube on it then hild it in place with a heavy bowl over it. Didnt want to cut screen or fastwn it to the screen so i can soak it every 2 to 3 weeks in water with a capful of bleach so no bacteria or mold build up. It is also wise to disinfect the water bottle too and clean the top part and wipe out the rest. You can use distilled water only to avoid all that if you prefer. Run it at night or early morn on low for a few hours to get humidity up. If you get an auto timer you can set it from 3:30am to 6:30am. But dont put it on high. I only use high for short periods of time during the day if humidity falls below 50. I hand mist several times a day so he can drink off the leaves. this is what i found works for us. I also have it in an area that he cant sit direvtly under
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