I Finally founds some houseplants..Now what?


I went to town and after going to two nurserys and an over priced florist I finally found some reasonably priced house plants at Aldi's.Some nice lady at the florist whispered in my ear they had them..Which saved my pocketbook, the florist wanted 40 bucks for a tiny Ficus..So I got a nice big umbrella plant and two pothos for 20 dollars.

Anyway should I do anything to the plants before putting them in the cham cage? Like should I repot them or worry about if they sprayed them with chemicals?
Yes, I would rinse them a few times in the shower and re-pot in a new washed pot with a fast draining organic soil without perilite, vermiculite or fertilizer. There are lots of posts about this very thing. Cheers!
Thanks, I am not good with plants.I know nothing about them really.I own one pothos and thats it for the last 20yrs.
I mean I have outside garden stuff , vegetables and the like but never had houseplants.
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