I felt bad laughing at my chameleon.

Bruce Patterson

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I don't know if this has happened to anyone else, but the other day I was giving her a super worm. She is young and hates everything so I place them on a vine near her and a few moments later she gulps them down. Well, this time when she shot her tongue out....she missed and hit the vine. Her tongue stuck to the vine and pulled herself off the vine she was sitting on. She was literally suspended between the two vines by her tail and her tongue. Granted this whole event lasted about a second before she grabbed the vine in front of here but that image is one I am sure I won't forget.


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Poor little girl! I have read on other threads though that chams who have had tongue accidents like that have actually bitten their own tongues causing injury and or amputation! Thank goodness she is OK and I can imagine it being quiet a sight!


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Yes, it has happened to me and it is very scary as your chameleon can injure its tongues this way.


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Waldo, my veiled, shoot his tongue at my wedding ring one day. It got stuck so I gentle brought my finger to him. He bite my ring and he was so pissed about it. But its better than him biting his tongue and loosing it.

Just be careful. So many stories of chams biting their tongues and loosing it.


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Toungue damage is a problem in captive chams.

They simply encounter things they would not find in the wild, like plastic,
glass, metal, hot surfaces, sharp edges, etc.

It's almost imposible to completly cham proof everything!! esp when they are
out free ranging.

It's also hard to watch them every minute they are out, but I do try to keep
an eye on them.
They will flick at anything they think is a bug, even a reflection.

I try to make sure my guyz are well fed before I let them out of their cages.

I have a baby heart attack when I see them get stuck, even for a second :eek:

If they flicked at a fly or something too close to a exposed, hot light bulb,
it would surly get stuck, and it would end up loosing part, or all, of it's

So, to me, it's never even a little bit funny to see them get stuck, even for an instant :eek:
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