I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas!!


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I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas!! PICS added


We have a pair of panther chams coming tomorrow from Screameleons. I've been giving DH a hard time because he will be at work when they get here. He's the one that got me interested in them. Now I'm completely hooked and ours aren't even here yet!

I'll post pics in just a little bit. We fed them about 20 minutes ago and the female has eaten at least 5 crickets, but the male hasn't eaten any yet. It looked like they both drank a little too.

Thanks Ponders! I'm sure they will enjoy them.
Here are a couple pics of my male



and one of my female


I will try to get better pics in the next couple of days. I didn't want to bother them too much while they are settling in. The male is already starting to show some beautiful colors! The female is a nosy little thing :) I am smitten!
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