I don't think I could've gotten a friendlier Cham


Today after waking up Snodgrass decided to shed, it took him all of about an hour and a half. Today was the first time really experimenting with hand feeding. He hasn't been too enthusiastic about me going in and out of his cage but I broke out the big tweezers with a cricket at the end of it and our relationship changed completely. I had placed my hand at branch level with him because he didn't seem stressed in anyway once he saw the cricket. He didn't take a step on my hand but he took the cricket and with the offering of the second cricket before I could put my hand out in front of him he already had both front arms stretched out trying to grab my hand. He walked out on my hand where he ate the rest of his crickets, 17 of them! He didn't seem to want to go back in his cage right away So I took him in the bathroom and let him climb around on some towels. Was happy to go back in his cage after about 15 min. Needless to say I'm very very happy with Snodgrass.


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I'm a glass blower and there is an older guy in the industry that is named Bob Snodgrass. He is the originator of "color changing glass" lol. Felt it was very fitting. :)


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Oh that's awesome! Definitely a fitting companion for someone in that profession. I knew the name rang a distant bell but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I'm pretty sure a long time ago I saw a documentary on blowing that dropped his name a few times.
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