I could really use your help!

Hey everyone. Well this company that makes bamboo iphone cases is having a contest and i had to post a picture of an interesting tree on their page and if im one of the three pictures with the most likes.....i get a gift card for a case!
If anyone with a facebook can help me out...i would really appreciate it! Its very simple.

All you need to do is go like this page.

and then like this picture

The contest ends Monday! Thanks for the help! Tell your friends to like it to :D


Friendly Grasshopper
ok i think i did it lol, very kool tree good luck with the contest,
come on guys help out a fellow forum memeber we can make him WIN!!!!


Today is the last day to vote! Voting ends 12:00 in the afternoon for the pacific coast and 3:00 in the afternoon for the east coast!

Please go and like the picture! Please :)

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