Hw many crickets a day?


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You can let him kinda dictate it, but nothing larger than the space between his eyes. @34 gr. I would say around 8, 1/2" crickets. I cup feed I feel that its more sanitary, so with my juvies I dont mind leaving a couple extra in there. Hope that helps.


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Im worried

He just had a prolapse were one of his hemipenis had to be removed. Before that He only ate 2 to 3 crickets a day. He will only eat meal worms now and might only eat 2 of them...Is this just a faze? He drinks plenty and moves around fine. I think the reason he may not be eating is because he doesn't feel hungry because I have been treating him for parasites and Have to give him this medicine which is actually sort of thick. I just cant seem to get him interested :(


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mealworms are not a good option, especially if impaction or prolapse has been an issue. most important thing is adequate water.
if needs be, consider force feeding - talk to the vet about it.


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Its really hard to say how many exactly it needs. It all depends on whether it is really active, and its overall appetite. I would suggest feeding him two or three crickets at a time and watching the cham hunt them down. If he finishes those, add two or three more. Rinse and repeat this until he stops eating the crickets. Voila! You now have his ball-park number of crickets that he can eat. Its a tedious time consuming method, but it works and you really only need to do it once a month to monitor changes. I have had young yemen chameleons eat in between 5-20 crickets daily, there is really no set magic number. Cricket size is another determining factor. Let it eat its fill, I have never heard of a glutton chameleon. Also, dont feed it too many meal-worms, they dont digest well from what I have heard.


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I have to disagree a little.
chameleons certainly CAN overeat. especially females
though with young ones overeating is less of a concern, I still wouldn't feed more than it needs to grow at a steady but not fast rate.
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