husbantry help for veiled chameleon please

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Pez started eating her Boston Fern today. I grabbed her some broccoli and carrots and she ate some little pieces. She loved it.

Then I realized some websites say "cooked carrots". Will a couple small pieces of raw carrots hurt her??

She's never eaten any fruit or veggie until today. And never eaten any plants that I know of until today.
Chameleons are insectivores and you shouldn’t feed them vegetables and fruits


Pez is starting to open her mouth, but isn't lifting her body up. It is only about 80 at her basking point, so it isn't "too hot" which is why I see online why she would open her mouth. We just took her into the vet on Tuesday and the vet was happy with how she looked, looked in her mouth, etc, but Pez didn't cooperate with a sample, so I need to take her sample in for the fecal test.


Here are two pictures I got.
She looks a little puffed up, just because she isn't fond of my camera.

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