Hunger strike!!!


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And so my veiled, mr chameleon, around 8-9mths old only snaps up 1 or 3 crickets if I'm lucky, but once the chameleon crack appears 'teh superworms' he instantly snaps them up. So I know he's not eating crickets cus he's unwell or anything but I'm totally stopping the supers for now, and I'm wondering how long can the hunger strike last so that it won't harm the chameleon? I need some advice!! I'm almost gonna give in to the supers!
i was having the same problem, i tried multiple feeding times throughout the day, and giving my veiled more privacy when he eats. i have vines on the door of the cage so when i close it he feels hidden
Another thing is the chams basically get their supplementation through the food they get, by going on a hunger strike he's missing out on all the supplementation, calcium ect. I'm starting to get worried regarding this so if anyone can, please provide me with some good advice on what to do!!
Just keep on offering it crickets, this happened to me but I fixed it. Is she/he shedding? Because when they're shedding they tend to have less appetite.
What are you temps? My chameleons will take any feeder I offer at any time.

You want to not over feed, that will lead to a hunger strike. Also I keep my veileds during the day at about 85 ambient temp and 96 in their basking.

Then my panthers at about 84 ambient and 94 basking temp.

If they are kept warm enough during the day they will constantly digest and poop out and stay very regular and want food every day despite what bug is offered. When they are not warm enough and can not digest properly then that is when food takes long to digest, then parasite build up occurs, and then weaken immune system and so on and so forth.

Honestly ever since I started keeping my chams warmer than most others do I have not had a single health problem to date. Warmer temps with these cold blood friends seems to be my secret weapon to chameleon health. There are numerous other factors that affect appetite and health but this is one component that I like to emphasize (warm cages).
My basking temps about 95ish and ambient is around 80. He's perfectly healthy I would like to think so. I still offer him crickets daily though he doesn't bother about them, but as soon as a superworm appears he charges towards it and guns it down. I've heard about starving chams but I just don't have the heart to do that and he'd be missing out on a period of supplementation which is my main concern. Anyone had same problems and found a way to get their chams to eat crickets again without starving the Cham???
Can you get silkworms, hornworms, or cockroaches? Theyre all very good especially silkworms in calcium. I had my Jackson refuse crickets for a couple days.I began to offer him roaches, superwoems. everythng I could. A week went past and I started worrying really bad until I threw in some crickets. i left came back and he was eating them. He's been eating like a king everysince. He might just be being a brat. Try other feeders and DO NOT watch him that's why Kush wouldn't eat at first, good luck.
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