HUMONGOUS POTHOS for 2 month jackson


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This is my new setup, before I had some grass and a bubbler bowl and fake plants but it was hard to keep up the humidity. SOO now I got this HUGE pothos from the living room. This plant is as old as me (20 yrs) and it has another bigger parent pothos still in the living room. I think the vines serve enough as cover, humidity (with spraying) and as the branches right? Take a look and tell me what you think. He's in a 20 gallon tank and only two months old. Should I put a drip system in there or take out the pothos and put something smaller? Theres a cricket feeder type thing at the right of the tank (its that green transparentish thing in the corner). Does he look alright?




(thx will)
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I'm sure, as you know, that you are going to put him a in an all mesh cage when he gets older, right? But the pothos are a great plant, I think that as long as there are placeswhere he is completely surrounded by plants, he should be fine. The dripper will most likely cause standing water and that is something you really don't want. Maybe catch it with a bowl with screen hot-glued to cover it.
Yeap yeap ^_^ im waiting for that four month mark to get the mesh. I'm actually in the process of designing my own based on the ones found in the store and the custom ones posted here. As for the dripper I'm going to make one of my own and I already have the supplies for it plus the basin at the bottom. I just want to know if he's big enough. From what I have seen jacksons seem smaller than veiled chams when they are young.
Creampuff, I know next to nothing about Jacksons, but I remember reading somewhere that chams need a variety of diameter of climbing stuff...that's not coming out right, but in other words, some thin, some thick, some in between. I'm sure real plants provide a variety, but you might consider putting some really fine twigs in there, that he can wrap his whole little mitts around. Otherwise I think it makes a fine jungle gym, with lots of cover to keep him feeling secure. And he is sooooooo cute!:p
Jleahl: I'm going to look for more twigs and things today. The fake vines that I was using before is too big to fit in the cage with the pothos I think.

Jewel: That black box looking thing on top of the tank is the source of heat. It has a Repti-Glo 8.0 UVB light and a Sunglo 60W for UVA (or so it says on the box) I also sometimes use the Night-glo too but I read that its not really needed. The temp goes from the mid 70s to 80s during the day and mid to upper 60s at night. I read that babies needed somewhat constant temperatures and humidity so I'm trying my best ^_^'. Tell me if somethings wrong here k?

(Is he too small for a drip system? I have the netted tray and bottle with tube all ready.
a baby jax does not need much heat so that looks good to me. good luck with him its amazing to watch the jax grow they change soo much.
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