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hi havent posted in a while becuase i moved but evrey thing went without a hitch and now i have calvin setup in his cage but i cant seem to keep the humidity up. i was wondering if any of you have any sugestions i plan to do some remodiling and spruceing up of his cage tomorrow since theres nothing going on.

cage-30"-18"-6' made of 2by4s and 1/2 inch screen
temps-95-97 in the hot spot big thermal gradient so he can get a wide range of temps
humidity-40-50 percent even with a pro mist system and 4 nozzels around the cage.(4 times a day for 15 minuets each) any suggestions would be welcome.

also on lighting i was thinking of geting a 100 wat power sun bulb. but i dont now if this will over heat him or not is there any allternitives that are less wattage but produce both heat and uvb.
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My towel trick does really well. You have a screen cage, right? Hang a long towel from the top, down the back side of the cage, or side, whatever. When misting, give it a good spray. The towel is on the outside of the cage and it gets heavier the wetter you get it. But it makes the humidity go way up. You'll see. It works great in a pinch, until you can get more placts and misting apparatus.
Live plants will definitely help to keep the humidity up. You didn't mention any in your initial post. Aside from keeping the humidity up, they are also great in helping your chameleon feel more secure by providing hiding places as well as giving them places to get away from the UVB light or the heat as they feel is necessary.

Here are a few pics of a baby veiled's enclosure. The little guy who lives here is about 2 and a half months old. This cage is small, 20 x 18 x 12, but I never have a problem with the humidity. It stays at around 60% spiking to around 75% after mistings. Before I added the third plant I was only staying at around 50% and adding a plant was the only change I made.

Can you post a picture of your enclosure? I always love to see enclosure pics and this may help someone notice something else that may help :)


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srry i didint say i have 2 ficus and a hybiscus in the cage at the moment. i have decided to buy some plastic sheeting used for tabel cloths and stapple it into the back of the cage.

ps cherron i cant find my camera so i will try to take some pics with my phone but i have never sent them to my computer so it might take a while.

also does any one now of a alternitive to the power sun
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