Humidity Too High in Glass Terrarium


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Hi all!

So I have a terrarium that has all glass sides (and bottom) with a screen top (Link). I have found that when I mist it for even just a minute, the humidity skyrockets and stays high. Sometimes my hygrometer will almost reach 100%, and won't drop back below 70% for hours (ideal range during the day is 30-50%, right?). I've tried leaving the front doors of the tank open to allow for air flow and evaporation, but then the temperature will drop to below 70F during the day, which I also don't want. I know that she can handle lower temps since I drop them at night, but it seems wrong to allow during the day.

I will be switching to a larger, all screen enclosure in a few weeks, but I still want her to be comfortable in the glass terrarium for now. Any tips for keeping a good humidity level without reducing the temperature?

Thanks everyone!
*ps. my husbandry form/review with pictures is in my other posts if that would be helpful to anyone


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You might consider to ass small computer fan on the top of your enclosure, that way you will have a good air flow and the air will get more dry

But! dont take your hygrometer to seriously.. because if you spray the hygrometer he will be wet and record 100% for several hours then in 3-6 month the value in your hygrometer will turn realllly inacurate (my experience after i ruined all my hygrometer ;)

have any picture of your enclosure?

(nothing wrong with 70 if she have a heating spot ;) (what is she btw?
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