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Guys my humidity btwn mists is dropping to 45%, i dont really think this is right, can anyone help let me know how to keep humidity?
The humidifer is the biggest bang for the buck. Real plants will dramatically increase the humidity in two ways; the plant breathes just like you and expels water out, and the soil dries and releases it into the air. The top inch of my potted plants is a peat moss(1/2) and sand (1/2) mix that becomes sluggy after misting and dries quickly releasing more humidity. Keeping the door closed on the room that the chameleons live in will help the water vapors from getting so dispersed and let it build up. The room should still have a good air flow and make sure it is not getting to hot. A different enclousure with some walls helps. Adding a back wall with wood that is properly sealed and then attaching a peice of cork wood can do wonders for humidity and the look of the cage. You can find countless ideas on thing like this if you look on the net at some of the enclousures that people keep frogs in (especially dart and tree). Substrate helps to, although, directly putting it in the enclousure can cause a list of problems. I use substrate outside of the cage. The bottom of the cage acts as one barrier. There is a tub underneath that runs the full length of the enclousure that is filled with bark chips. The water from the mistings is then drain through a hole in the bottom. The tub is fairly easy to remove to preform any mantiance necessary. Along those same lines would be a container under the cage with a submersible water heater to evaroprate the water and release it into the air. This poses a potential fire hazard if it ever runs out of water. This trick would probably be more associated with terrariums that are using a hydroponics type set up. I guess I would still label it as an option. You can use an aquarium air pump to blow into a container full of water, place a lid on the container and a hose that directs any humidiy into the cage. I have heard this idea although I do not think it would be very effective. I found that placing the dripper near the basking bulb helps. As it builds on the leaves below it is heated (chameleons like warm water) and then evaporates some of it. I have veileds who like heat so it may not work as good with less intense lighting. Placing real branches, maybe some drift wood, and rocks can help humidity. This can also add some attractiveness for you and the chameleon. I would wash any outside branches or rocks you use. I would also bake the rocks as they can store algea and other things deep in their pores. A fogger with custom made box can work. A fogger inside a small tuperware dish and then a bigger tuperware dish over top with a notch for the cord. Place that on top of the enclousure and it cascades down and build almost like a cloud in the plants. I have had success with this in one enclousure. I quit using this because the fogger I had could not for work for a long duration, got tired of buying the replacement parts and it cooled the cage more then I liked. It did look awesome though, I do not think it was worth the money in the end. As soon as the fogger went off the cloud that was forming in the plant would disperse. The humidity did stay up about 10% for the next hour. That is all I could think of.
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well what i have done now is i put a humidifier in with warm moisture and ran dryer hose up to the side of my tank and its around the treetops, he is loving it, it has GREATLY improved the % humidity... thanks for the input
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