Humidity for veiled chameleons?


Hello chameleon people. I've recently moved to a new area and it's more humid than expected. The humidity in the house is like in the high 70's during the day. I turn on the AC and fans to keep the air circulating and it goes down to about 64-68 percent. Is this okay for a veiled chameleon? I know it they preferably need 30-50%


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As long as you dont get mold you are good. If i ran the humidifier in my area enough to "get to" 50%, everyone would get URI. So you just kinda have to plan for your area.

Some do go out of their way and run a dehumidifier during the day in the room to get it down to 40%, but again its down to what time of year you want to simulate. The "rainy season" is not going to be 30% during the day.


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I’m afraid that it might matter because then there would be spores in the air that your Cham would be breathing. I could be wrong though.


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That is high humidity for a veiled. If you can’t get it any lower, it’s essential that you make sure there’s really good air flow and keep a close eye on your temps. If you have a screen enclosure, make sure to have all of the sides open. If you have glass, get screened.
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