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Good morning

I was just wondering if anyone lets there Chameleons free range 24/7!?
And if they do what's the pros and cons?

Olimpia shared a picture of a acrylic border around the base of a free range, which I really liked the ideal. Would this ideal be ok if there were a male and female free rangingin the same room? Separately of course.

Thank you for reading!
I have always Free Range all my chameleons (other animals too) 24/7. I don't have a cage of any kind in my home. I do have some large outside sun cages that I use a couple hours in the morning when I don't have time to sit outside and watch them in their trees. Personally I would never own an animal that I had to keep caged, penned chained or whatever. IMO chameleons are much happier free ranged and normally much friendlier. After all a cage in not a natural thing for them. However, you have to have a safe, chameleon proof room to free range in that's free from dogs, cats and other pets. I would not free range a male and female in the same room. I always have a seperate room for the girls.
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I did, for a year I kept all my chameleons loose in my apartment (they had their own full-room free range.) And more recently I let my Meller's chameleon free range. I's a great way to keep a chameleon if the situation is right for you. For many people it may be unpractical, especially if you rent or have other pets like cats or dogs. I wrote a blog where I listed, in my opinion, the pros and cons that I encountered: Free-Ranging

If you have to keep a pair in the same room, I would hang up a curtain/room divider between the two free ranges, so that they don't see each other. Because even if they can't get to one another if they can see each other it'll frustrate them. He'll want to try to get over to her, she'll want to be left alone, etc. So I'd break up their line of sight somehow.
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