How to set up a laying bin in a mesh cage?


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Hey, i never expected my baby flapneck to be a female, but as she ages i am not noticing any spurs. So i want to know in advance, if i am in a mesh cage, how would i go about setting up the laying bin? I heard they dig a lot, and she might dig and cut up the mesh. Should i put plastic under it or something?
could you post a picture of your cage? what size is it? I used a 5 gallon bucket 3/4 full of washed play sand. If you know she isn't gravid, i would put in a smaller bin. maybe half the size of a 5 gallon bucket until you know she is for sure gravid and switch them out. that is basically how I did it with Delilah but she's a Veiled and you said you have a Flapneck. Hope I could help.
DChalo, from what you are saying it seems you are thinking that you put the soil in the cage? It would be best to put it in something like a large plastic tub, shape similar to a trashcan.

I can't remember if flapnecks have spurs.. derp.
I get new plastic paint buckets from the hardware store.The 2gal size is 12in 1 gal is 10in They have served me well.
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