How to make a dripper?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kianna2118, Jul 4, 2009.

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  1. kianna2118

    kianna2118 New Member

    I had one and paid $9.99 for one now its leaking fron the bottom and i don't have any money right now to buy a new one. Does any one know how to make a home made one and were i can get all the parts for it . Thanks much appreciated.
  2. Jakedn

    Jakedn New Member

    You can poke some holes in the bottom of a cup.
  3. kianna2118

    kianna2118 New Member

    i did that but it doesn't drip it squirts..
  4. Lyneeso

    Lyneeso New Member

    go to an aquarium supply store and buy some dripper valves. they are about 1.00 for a pack of them. while you are there get several feet of 1/4'' air hose. put a dripper valve on the end of the hose and run the other end of the hose into a container of some sort. I use a plastic 1 gallon milk jug with a small hole poked in the bottom corner for the 1/4'' air tubing. you can seal it so it doesn't leak around the penetration with some non-toxic hot glue. You'll need to poke another small hole in the cap that screws onto the milk jug as an air vent. and bammo your done!:cool:
  5. kianna2118

    kianna2118 New Member

    I'm bout to go to the pet store for his before they close. Were can i find the non-toxic hot glue? CAn i use regular a hot glue gun ?
  6. JackAttack

    JackAttack New Member

    i did this...........u can also use aquarium safe dripper ive ever owned cuz u can adjust the speed of the drip accordingly
  7. kuskye25

    kuskye25 New Member

    i used a 30oz thick plastic cup, drilled a hole in the bottom and pushed in a fish aquarium air pressure adjustment nozzle then ran fish tank air tube to where i wanted it to drip and set my cup higher then that point, adjust your nozzle and good to go... i didnt need to seal it i made the hole smaller then the nozzle and pushed it in very tightly...
  8. sandrachameleon

    sandrachameleon Chameleon Enthusiast

  9. kianna2118

    kianna2118 New Member

    Thanks everyone..
  10. jojackson

    jojackson New Member

    A cup will never be sufficient in terms of water volume, unless you want to be refilling it all day every day.
    A large container (over 5 liters atleast) will serve you better. It must have strong (prefreably moulded/part of the container) handle/s of some kind, so it can be hung,
    (unless you have a high flat surface to sit it on) above the cage, so that gravity assist the flow.
    Simply inserting a foot or so of standard aquarium airline into the existing opening , perhaps through a hole in the lid, so it holds it in place, will do.

    At a point along the airline thats convenient to you, between the container and the drinking end of the dripper (outside the cage) ,cut the line and insert the plastic flow valve (that I posted a pic of in the other thread), these are very cheap and can be bought along with the airline.

    Then the remaining airline you insert into the cage by whatever means, so that the end
    hangs or is held in place, easily accessable to your lizard from a favorite perch or basking spot.

    If you like, you can insert some kind of small plastic gadget into the drinkingend of the airline, to slow the flow further, but this is not nessesary.

    Now you must 'prime' your dripper (get the water flowing) by pretending the drinking end is a straw and sucking till the water flows.
    Now you turn the flow valve till the flow slows to a drip rate you find acceptable.

    Now if your container holds enough water, that it will not run out (or stop flowing due to low level of water), then at the end of the day, you turn the flow valve till the dripping stops altogether. This works as a fawcett, no need to be sucking on it again the next morning, just open the flow valve.

    Ideally, your container should last one full day, and still not have its water level fall so low that dripping stops. Then you simply open its lid and refill it, still no need to Re-prime it.

    Atleast once a week its a good idea to clean your container out (hot water no chemicals) You can add a little clean sand/salt/hot water and shake the hell out of it, sand/salt is abrasive) clean and refil, to avoid buildup of nasty bacteria.
  11. kuskye25

    kuskye25 New Member

    i only refill once a day with my cup, takes two seconds, and its ok because i have to mist anyway multiple times a day, my cup is external btw... point being i would never say it wont be sufficient, its plenty sufficient...
  12. kianna2118

    kianna2118 New Member

    Thanks for everyone helping me with a home made water dripper. I got a big water dripper it was was on sale ..
  13. jojackson

    jojackson New Member

    Yes but you can be home to mist all day, not everyone can. A slow running dripper provides better opportunity to drink than misting.
    How big is your cup Lol
  14. kuskye25

    kuskye25 New Member

    as i stated before its 30oz, and no im not home to mist all day, but with a dripper and misting i am sure she never lacks water, as for slow or fast drips i can totally control that so its never been an issue, i have a valve that does that for me as stated before as well...
  15. jojackson

    jojackson New Member

    Well thats under a liter, must drip very slowly. I like to ensure a faster drip rate all day.
    No 30 ounce cup will do that. Maybe gravity is stronger downunder :D
    whatever works for ya!
  16. kuskye25

    kuskye25 New Member

    i go by my urates and those have shown me 30 oz dripped per day and regular mistings makes them perfect urates for my particular cham....

    i can almost not use a dripper, and just mist, but not quite... and it drips one drip every few seconds, i see her drink from it and the leafs all the time....

    most of this ive found is knowing when to have the water dripping durning the day.... thats the key for me but my 30oz lasts about 5 hours dripping so plenty
  17. kuskye25

    kuskye25 New Member

    id like to see your water catch, must be a 5 gallon bucket in a 8ft tall enclosure, hahah jk.... 30oz a day is build up enouph for me to accommodate, your saying you do 5 times that, im good on that, i went a bit more efficient way, to each his own though thats what these posts are for....
  18. jojackson

    jojackson New Member

    If it works for you great! I prefer the dripper to be the main water source, and therefore run all day (10 hrs at the moment), I rarely mist anymore unless hes shedding.
    Mine prefers the dripper, drinks alot and at odd hrs through the day, so a large resevoir running all day works better for me. :)
  19. kuskye25

    kuskye25 New Member

    oh my misting isnt for her to drink, its for humidity.... also my drip is the main source of water, like i said in accordance with looking at the urates and observing the times in which she drinks minimal water can be dumped into the enclosure.... at the rates your talking we are talking literally inches of water on the bottom of a huge enclosure per day or literally a huge water bucket, some people can do this some cant... i originally sujested something anyone can do...
  20. jojackson

    jojackson New Member

    Enclosure is 6ft :) 2 ft off the ground.

    Well thats something to take into account too! Actually mine is a kitty litter tray beneath, something like this.. Only gets emptied each day before lights out. Rate is between 3-4 litres a day / 135 ounces per day


    My setup
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