How to hold my cham


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how do i go about holding calvin i have tryed placeing food on my arm so he could see it and maybee step on to my hand but that doesent work also i nudge and slid my finger under his chin but he just runs away. any suggestions i would really like to hold him. i think one problem would be that the cage is 16 inches deep so he has plenty of room to escape lol:D
Well i am no sure how big he is a tiny baby size i kindajust grab em, lol! Or you can use a stick to get him to comeout. Place the stick on one side of him and persuade him to go on by moving your hand towards him on the other side of the stick! once he is on the stick, pull him out quickly enough so that he doesn leap for a branch!

Hope its useful,
thats a good idea curly i think i will try it

ps west coast i have tryed those didint work thnks though
I don't hold mine.
The only reason I see to try and get a chameleon to climb on to your hand is to move him/her to a safe plant for a shower or while you are cleaning the cage, or to transport to an outside enclosure for some sun, or to go to the vet.
Otherwise (in my opinion) they should be left alone and peacefully observed.

the best way to hold a cham is not to hold it. i had a hard time getting used to that being i have cats,dogs,geckos,snakes very handleable and most require it but after a while you will get used to it and watching them eat and thrive will pay off more than handleing them.

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this was when i was seperating the babys so took advantage and snaped a shot
I hold mine everyday for about 10 minutes. At first they don't really like coming out and try to run away from you and off of your hand, but eventually they become comfortable. I usually seperate my fingers like branches and just let them hang out. I also offer them snacks everytime I take them out, like a couple fruitflies or fruits, which they seem to enjoy this.
i gotta put a glove on cuz mine tries to bite me. and my cage is huge so he can run and fast. 24" deep and 30" wide. whne he was younger i could take him out but now i cant even get near him.
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