how old is my chameleon??


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I’ve had a my cham for a few weeks now and she’s doing well. Her name is lluvia (you-v-ah) it’s spanish for rain :). I got her from a local pet store that is pretty known for good reptiles and just good animals in general. She has a deformed tail but that doesn’t seem to effect her or her movement,
She’s a vailed chameleon but I’m not sure how old she is the pet store I got her from didn’t really know either, I’ll put some pictures down below. So vailed chameleon owners if you have any ideas for how old she could be that’d be great!



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So it's tough to say for sure, due to the amount of food she has gotten and the environment she has been kept in, but she appears to be around 4 to 6 months to me. I must admit, it is a bit tough to guess without the entire tail :unsure: . She is pretty though!


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Beautiful name for a cham! Would you mind filling out our help form so we can make sure your husbandry is on point, so you and her will live a happy, healthy life together? :)


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