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How often are you supposed to feed a panther cham? i offer mine food every day of 10 crickets, and sometimes he heats them all, sometimes he eats some, and sometimes he eats none. is this good? he is really tame and healthy. hes on his second shed since i got him back in april. hes about 2 to 3 years. hes a rescue, so its really hard to tell his age.
Can I have a picture of him? I can maybe help estimate the age of him.

Just feed him however many crickets he will take. If he seems disinterested, then leave him be. If he wants more, feed him more.

They are opportunist eaters so they'll eat when they want.
you could certainly go every other day at that age.
maybe even feed like monday thursday saturday:D
adults don't need to feed avery day
people say... fat n happy:eek:
chams don't
5-7 every other day is what I follow for my adult male panthers. It is better to not let them eat all want, as they may put on unneeded weight. And remember to supplement.
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