How often does this occur?


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My veiled chameleon laid eggs last September which was roughly three months ago. I suspect that she is "gravid" again. Is this common? I am afraid she will continue this cycle until she dies. Is there anything I can do? I do not have a male chameleon, and was told by the Reptile Director at the Detroit Zoo this could be too stressful for her. Any suggestions?
How much are you feeding her?
What is her basking spot temperature?

These two will help us determine if it's possible to slow her down.

I feed her five to eight crickets daily. I also give her kale every day. I spray her cage daily to keep it moist. not sure about the temperture of the basking light.
Usually people start feeding smaller quantities daily, or switch to feeding every other day when their Chams become adults.

Also Temperature plays a important role in how often a female will produce eggs, probably should look into a way to measure it accurately so we can tell you if it's too hot.
I will do that tomorrow; I am sure it has to be something to it. I will find out the tempeture. Thanks for your insite.
I found it.

Okay, I checked the bulbs there was one that was 60 watts and another that was a 5.0 UVB light. Which say on I am going to say at least 12 hours a day.
i hink psi means the actual temperature of the area where your chameleon hangs out. Not the wattage of the bulbs. You are going to need a thermometer.
from what I have read from experienced keepers is to help keep your cham from producing as many/large clutches keep temps around the 82 mark (basking temp) and feed less (approx what you are feeding now but every other day) that combo will slow your chams metabolism down possibly resulting in less/smaller clutches. That is what I do with my approx 14-15 month old female veiled and she has not produced an infertile clutch yet.
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