How often does a panther poop?


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ive had this 7 month old red bar ambil. for almost a month now and ive seen him poop once and it was waay more then ive seen my jacksons and i see none of it in his cage anywhere, which makes me think is he backed up or something, im not sure if he poops everyday because i see none in the cage

he just pooped but it was weirdly huge is this bad?



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It varies from chameleon to chameleon but on the average I would say every couple of days. I noticed my younger one seems to go pretty much everyday and my adult maybe every two or three days. And no, there is nothing wrong with a big poop! Atleast he got it all out!


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as they already mentioned it depends.

diet, specifically what kind of feeders can effect this.

as well as the amount and frequency you feed and the temperature/his metabolism.

Jackson being montane and generally preferring cooler temperatures are equipped to digest just fine under these circumstances. this may be why youre seeing him defaecate more frequently by comparison.

if youre keeping your panther under similar conditions it could simply be that, cooler temps = slower metabolism = slower digestion.

or it could have something to do with what youre feeding him.

or maybe he was just backed good news is he pooped.

what kind temps are you providing the panther and what have you been feeding/gutloading with?

the poo looks a bit more moist/mucousy than what im accustomed to seeing.

though that may be an effect of him having been backed up, he maybe needed that mucous buildup to lube it up enough to pass.

im guessing that film is mucous btw, im sure someone can correct me if im wrong.


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Yeah now he has this white string thing what looks like a sperm plug (1 came out last time he defacated, not sure if this happens every time) but it seems another one or something is hanging from his vent (butt?) What would i do? is this bothering him? he doesnt seem in pain or anything as if he doesnt notice it being there

EDIT::I feed him crickets gutloaded with fluckers orange cubes kept in a crick keep. ive been told to get more stuff then the orange cubes (package says all you need to gutload your crickets) im sure i need more then that, like collard greens carrots and that kind of thing i fed him a few superworms from petsmart the other day no more then like 3 all together at different times, but ive been told to not feed to manby of those as a occational thing so i stopped feeding him that, his last poo wasnt as mucosy as this one nor as big so maybe it was the super worms this time ill see how he is next few days i do need more for gutloading my crickets also thinking of starting a dubia nymph box to replace crickets or something
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