how much water do chams drink???


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My baby veiled cham drinks some water, but is he drinking enough? after misting he can shot his tongue 2-3 times at the water drips and that's it, he turns around and walks away, and he will do that about 2-3 times a day.
is that good for him? how much water can he collect at tongue shot :)??
Some people will say only distilled but i use tap water. Most chameleon keepers just use tap water. Now about being his urate white or yellow. White is an indication of good hydration.

True "distilled water" has its minerals removed. It will try to mineralize itself again by pulling minerals like calcium out of whatever it is mixed with. Use either regular tap water, maybe filtered water, or at most, if you need to, use bottled water. Generally, if your local water is healthy enough for you to drink, most would consider it ok for chameleons too.
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