How much should I feed my new Veiled?

Discussion in 'Chameleon Food' started by Covington8950, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. Covington8950

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    I recently purchased my first chameleon ever, a Veiled female. She is a juvenile/young adult. I'm not sure how much to feed her. She wants to eat all the time! Did a lot of research; I feel very confident with what to feed her but not how much. Currently she's getting 7 adult crickets and 2 worms (phoenix, will buy new kind of worm when phoenix runs out) a day and she eats lots of greens when dripping wet! I'm psyched that she seems so healthy and active, but I worry about not feeding enough. Her body is about 4 inches long puffed-up and 6 inches long stretched out. She would probably eat 20 crickets if I put that many in her cage but since she wasn't fully digesting all her crickets when I fed her more, I worry about over-feeding and egg-laying. Besides help with how many crickets, worms, and greens; any advice on why she wasn't fully digesting the crickets would be helpful.
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    do you know how approx how many months old she is? My female veiled was a really large eater too and I slowed her down to about 10 medium feeders every other day when she was about 6-7 months cause I also dont want her to lay infertile clutches. As for the greens I dont see a problem if she eats lots, maybe try a variety of greens and even some bits of fruit or veggie, thats one thing mine doesnt do too much of. What time were you feeding? If you feed to close to lights out time she may not have had a chance to bask in the heat and digest therefore bugs coming out without being fully digested. It is best to not feed within about 3 hours of lights out if possible and if thats the case.
  3. Berg

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    I have recently purchused a veiled female as well and was also wondering if 5-8 crickets a day was too much. I didn't know about not feeding b4 bed.

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    Welcome to both of you that have a new veiled. Below is a couple of blogs that will help you keep your chameleons healthy and happy.

    I would feed 6 to 8 feeders (depending on the size) every day until your female's about 5 or 6 months old; then feed the same amount of feeders (6 to 8 depending on size) every other day.

    This first blog is for veleds in general: http://raisingkittytheveiledchamele...-max=2008-01-01T00:00:00-08:00&max-results=11

    This blog is for the female veiled:
  5. Covington8950

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    Thanks for the help, and the links were very useful!
  6. Berg

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    Yeah thanks for the links!!

    I abou to put a picture of her on here soon but I was wondering if u guys could tell the age of her by a pic. I have had her since 02/10 so she has to be getting up to the 6 mo th mark soon.

    And I dont mean to hi-jack ur thread
  7. Amgelicaquintanar35

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    Can anyone tell me how old my veiled chameleon might be??

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