how many ??

Funny you should ask.......
We currently have a pair of adult Veiled chameleons and 35 of their offspring, so far!
Good question, I like to see what others are working with.

I have the following …

1.1 Furcifer lateralis lateralis (CB)
1.0 Veiled (CB)
5.11 brevs (WC, F1 and F2 breeding groups)
3.5 B. thieli (WC)
2.3 B. superciliarus (WC)

Around 65 brev babies, 7 superciliarus babies, 3 temporalis babies and a ton of eggs (brevs, lats, supercils).

how many chameleons

I have 3 adult veiled chameleons. 3 ambilobe 2 jacksons and several veiled clutches. I just received my 3rd ambilobe from rudis chameleons. He is so beautiful and sweet.
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