How Many Tattoos and Piercings Do You Have?


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4 tattoo's with 3 more planned, no piercings anymore, had my eyebrow but i'm in professional sales so i had to take it out :(

1st one is colorado avalanche hockey team

i got the next 3 all in 1 sitting

line from my favorite song shyne-till i die

1st 2 lines from a poem that was on my deads friends funeral passage

and a cross with my friends that have died...sadly i have another 2 names to add to the list, will be in another tattoo planned..


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I don't know how you guys can pick something! I wouldn't know what to get that I'd still feel passionately about 10 years from now. Even chameleons, I don't know that in 10 years I won't be completely over them.

But I don't even have my ears pierced, so I've never done anything of this sort to myself. I even have a strong visceral reaction to the idea of changing my hair color, it feels like I'm lying about my whole family history and genetics! lol I couldn't imagine tattooing anything on myself.
Tattoos aren't meant for everyone... I have a bunch of friends who get tattoos because it expresses their creativity and others like myself who get them because they all have meaning to some degree. Most of mine relate to family. My entire back is already drawn up and has everything to do with my family. I am just waiting for some money room and my artist to get back into the US :)


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My first tattoo was a chameleon and now years later I have one :)

It's strange, my first piece of ink when I was 20 was Jimmy Buffett's Chameleon on a palm leaf. Little did I know many years later I would be owning my first Veiled Chameleon and I am just in love with the little guy. I have 10 tattoo's & have had many piercings through out the years. Being a bit older now I have had to take many of the peircings out do to work issues but it's ok. I am still me with or with out them. I am new to the forums and just got my first cham last week so checking everything out. Great ink pics :)
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