How many Hornworms?


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So Im introducing my 8 month old panther cham to hornworms. I've been feeding him only crickets since I got him but he is big enough for worms now.

1. How many hornworms should I feed him per day instead of crickets?

2. How often should i switch from crickets to hornworms?

3. Should I dust the worms with calcium?



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Wht I usually do it give them a hornworm in addition to the other feeders. So maybe one day he gets a roach and a hornworm and another day he gets silks and horns etc. They do not need to be dusted, but it wotn hurt to lightly dust with plain calcium if you want to. My boys love them so I give them pretty regularly.
IMO Just 1-2 a day should be fine, I usually just feed my boy 1 after he's eaten his crickets or silks for the hydration. I don't think you should switch.. just integrate horns into his diet. Feed him some crickets then a horn. And no calcium is necessary.
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