How long until posting is allowed in classifieds?


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I can't seem to find how long it takes until I can post in the classifieds, I have some cages I didn't end up needing, and wanted to list them but I don't have access yet. The rules aren't very specific.

In my experience as soon as your a member you can post in that section. Don't know exactly how long it'll take though...
I think it is a mixture of both being an active forum member and time. Even if you post a milliion posts in one day you won't be "upgraded". Lol! I say give it a few weeks and stay active.:)
It took me about 2 weeks but I had LOTS of questions since I had no clue as to what I was doing. Lol! Good luck, if not you can always post on Craigslist or have someone else post it for you. :)
You can earn "member" status by time or by post count I think. It took me a long time because I so rarely post.
So I checked again last night and I am now able to post! :p

The cages are 2 260 gallon reptariums. I posted them in the classifieds.
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