How does your cham drink?


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Im on my third chameleon now and he's the first one who drink straight from a dripper hose. My first veiled and jackson would go right up and just drink right from it. At the time that's all I had and mistings. Now I have a mist king so only offer the dripper occasionally but also because he never drinks from it.

And my current veield also shoots for water like he would for food. Not lap it up with an open mouth like the other too.

I'm not really worried about his hydration because his urate is always fine even though I very rarely see him drink.

I don't know why, but he's far more shy while drinking than eating.
Mine I have only seen lap up water when he was a young veiled. Now he is other and only shoots water off the leaves. I guess he is too lazy to go lap it up and get more of it
Each chameleon seems to be different. It can be so frustrating. There is tons if water available and they may not drink. My Jackson will only drink rain and after a few orange ureates and trial and error I found out my panther prefers hand misting to anything else.
My 4 monthish old veiled refuses to drink off of anything but his pothos! Although when he was around one month he would drink the droplets off the top of the cage left from a good misting :)
My last nosy be would drink from the spray bottle when we would mist. He would run to the front of the cage as soon as he saw us walking up to it.
Our panther chameleon drinks water out of the mister, directly out of the mister. He absolutely refuses to drink off any leaf since his purple wandering jew died from his constant chewing on it. Makes me feel silly for purchasing a $200 MistKing when all I needed was a $5 Hamster Water Dripper. He's certainly a spoiled little Cham.
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