How does my plant list sound?


So i plan i purchasing some plants online and i just wanted to make sure that all of them would be safe for some pygmies and please no links to the fl chams safe plant list and asking me to look that through because i have scrolled through it dozens of times but anyways here is the list:

rabbit's foot fern, philodendron scandens(heart-leaf philodendron), ionantha mexican(a type of tillandsias air plant), golden pothos, peperomia caperta, and prayer plant

I also already have an asparagus fern, tiny bamboo, and a saligenalla and these plant are going into a 10g tank and all plants are coming in a 4 inch pot or less so they are not that big. along with the plants im getting a vivarium substrate that is kind of like ABG, springtails, moss, pillow moss, and some oak leaves. If you want me to send you a link to the website then pm and with orders over $75, shipping is free! but please let me know if this sounds like a good plant list.
They all look good and similar (indirect light moderate water lots of misting). I would add a fair amount of sand to the soil for drainage. Also you could add some pillbugs for the cleaner crews.

Them poor pygmies that sleep on the prayer plants at night LOL.
I'm getting springtails as a clean up crew and I think I may not buy a plant or two so I could spend the money on a Great Stuff background.
I just decides to not buy the pillow moss and get a version of hoya instead of the peperomia along with a small clipping of pilea that i can propogate and hopefully i can get the money to make a great stuff background:)
WOW i just realized it but i meant plant and not plan list i dont know how to fix that so can somebody help me with that
Well i fell a bit short a bit on money so i havent ordered yet but i plan on getting pothos online and maybe a small palm and stuff at home depot. I already have an asparagus fern, golden spike moss, bamboo and a medium schefflera. There was one plant at home depot that i liked but i need to ID it first cause it only was labeled as TROPICAL FOLIAGE.
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