how does my cage look,suggestion??


i have a reptisun 5.0, heat light for basking,humidity and temp gage,ficus tree,and a pothos with some long vines and food dish....any suggestions or comments to improve appreciated:




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What are you planning to put in the food dish... Don't just say food... :p

i have an assortment of as crickets,dubias hornworms and silkworms...and yes i have a dripper and spray bottle:) and the other light is just a plant light in the pics...
Well ok it seems like you're set! But the crickets will hop out :rolleyes:
You should also try hand feeding you cham or using tweezers then hand feeding it might make him/her more friendly if you want to hold it more, also for some magical reason the first day i had my cham, he zapped a silkworm right out of my palm :D.
im gonna try to hand feed..but therre are some food items that will take me a little getting used not new to chams,i have montanes,just not a panther,he will come tomorrow,im very excited..
Looks good! I would add rocks to the plant pots to prevent him from eating dirt and add more horizontal branches. You can collect the branches from outside, disinfect them by baking them and put it in the cage.

That cage is huge for him! He will enjoy the extra space and not having to share with his siblings. Good you are cup feeding him, I would worry about him not finding his food in that cage.

The dubias are in one of the corners of the box. I would gut load the dubias before feeding.
but if i had to choose dubia or waxworm,itd be dubia,waxworms look like oversized maggot..ickkk and i do know waxworms are occasional treat,but yuckkkk
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