How does he look?


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this is my i think 2 or 3 month old male veiled chameleon.
im not sure if those black stripe things are normal or nott..


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ive only seen black spots like that in a w/c. if he is not w/c im going to guess they are old abrasions from maybe something in the cage? idk. judging by your hand he looks a older than 3 months.
w/c? and yeah i honestly dont know how old he is when they gave him to me at the pet store they said he was a month old but idk.
w/c means Wild Caught

How long have you had him? Young chams can get little black marks on them from from being caged with their siblings.. Bruises, scratches & bites show up on chams skin as black marks. These will usually go away.

A wild caught cham would have black marks because of the dangers of living outdoors that all wild animals face...and also rough handling while being caught and while in transit.
WC is wild caught. Unless he is a WC from Florida he is CB, captive bred. Was he housed in the cage with other animals? If not it could be from before the pet shop got him. The marks look as if he was housed in with other animals and they climbed on him. They should disappear in a few sheds. Other than that he looks pretty healthy and nice!
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