How do you mix it up?


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My male veiled is maybe 4-5 months now and I have a ton of feeders I went crazy on josh frogs and eBay just wanted to now how you guys vary the diet?I currently give him crickets Monday superworm Tuesday Dubai’s on wensday bsf lavrve and butter worms on Thursday hornworms on Friday and mix up on weekends bsf,moths that have served there purpose,butterworms and last weekend some stick bugs.Should I switch it and give him all different kinds throughout the day everyday or staple it out and give occasional treats 2-3 times a week?
I personally like to vary the feeders daily. Just seems more natural to me, and there would be more of a nutritional balance that way. I also find that it is difficult to plan out when some feeders will be ready to be fed off (ie silkworm eggs that hatch and are still growing to a good size; hornworms that need to be fed off due to fast growth rate; waiting for larvae to turn to flies...) so it can be more of a "Who's ready today?" routine. I will generally have my one or two main staples as the every day feeders and work in the treats and such as I can. It will be more challenging to feed a variety when they get a bit older due to the fact that they don't generally eat every day, so variety daily now will make the transition easier then.
I throw in a few superworms or waxworms with the crickets and/or dubia... These are the feeders I always have on hand, I try to mix in other feeders occasionaly.
Keep it simple(I know there is no such thing as simple with chams!) by trying to recreate what would happen in the wild. There is no schedule in a wild chams diet so I’d say through different combinations of food at him each day. Give him a chance to try different hunting techniques...
I use dubias as my base.... right now I dont have much else ready to go except some Vietnamese stick insects and some bought super worms. I am waiting on soldier flies to pupate.

When I get a bug order, I get 1 cup of hornworms to feed off quickly, 250 crickets which I feed off quickly as well. Ive also bought blue bottle fly spikes which are about ready to go when the horn worms and crickets are gone. I think there was something else I bought but cant remember. I buy my bsfl by the 1000 (store them in a wine fridge) so I always have some but have to buy them elsewhere.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday are my supplement days* and since crickets are higher in phosphorus those are my cricket feeding days. (*before you jump down my throat my guys have a slower metabolism and need less supplements) The other days I just rotate thru whatever else I have available starting with the feeders that are about to get too big, i.e. hornworms.
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