How do you clean your plants?


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Hi everyone! This may seem like a silly question but seeing as plants are so delicate and I have never "cleaned" one before, I am curious as to what different methods of plant cleaning fellow Cham keepers use to make sure live plants are safe and pesticide free for our precious guys/gals but at the same time making sure the plant doesn't get destroyed in the process. Please share! :D


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In the shower, with no soap. I just scrub each leaf roughly with my fingers. I have used antibacterial soap before, but lately I have not bothered and it has been fine.


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i cleaned mine outside, layed them down and used a spray bottle with dishwashing soap and sprayed them down super good then i hosed um off..did that 2-3 times depending on the plant i was cleaning off...wasnt too worried about pesticides, the nursereys here dont use um and neither do lowes or home depot and the ones her spray their plants ALOT but i only get plants that have been ther a couple weeks so they get washed good before i get um (i never buy new plants they get in though cuz the facilities they come from spray um with pesticides for shipping) i clean mine more so for bugs


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Dawn Dishwashing liquid--- that's what I use ( if it's safe enough for the Exxon oil spill animals to get washed in, I figure it's safe enough for my chams!! ) along with warm water and a rag.. Take the plant outside, soap it up and wash it off with a hose. If I don't need it right away I leave it outside for a bit o get sun and rain exposure... Never had any pr.oblems.. :)
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