how do i move with a chameleon


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Hello I am a new chameleon owner, this is my first post. Within the next few months I am going to be buying a house, and I am wondering what is the easiest way to move a young veiled chameleon. It is still getting used to me and It was by luck I got it into its real cage by it grabbing onto my fingers. One time I tried to get it out of its old cage it hissed at me. thanks in advance for any advise


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Normally you just put them in a shoe box with a stick going through it and a towel on the bottom of the box. They just go to sleep. You dont even need air holes. This can work for several days travel, and hope you can water them at least once a day.

As for getting them into the box...


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I just moved today and all I did was put the cage in the backseat of the car and took it to the new house.... just drive real easy lol.....
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