How difficult is it to raise male and female chameleon

I currently have a female 5 month old panther chameleon. She is pretty easy to maintain since all the lighting and humidity are hooked up to a controller. I just mist her 3-5 times a day and make sure I have properly fed her. So I really want to get a male and just duplicate the current cage(They wont be able to see eachother!) but could that be too much to handle. Any testimonies on anyones first second chameleon
If you automate your Heating, Lighting, and Misting system adding another animal is very easy. Just a couple extra minutes for feeding and cleaning every week. Misting is the big one to get automated you can save yourself the pain (literally), and save minutes to hours a day.

I spend about 20 minutes a day (not counting when I watch them, that would add an hour or two) for my current setup, 4 chameleons plus all the food I am raising for them.
With two chameleons an auto mister becomes a GODSEND! Other than that its just a extra minute or two feeding the second one. I saw you do it if you feel like you can handle it. You can put the cages next to eachother just make sure there is a solid divider inbetween them so they cant see anything :)
I don't think 2 is going to be that much harder than one. You can even set it up to share the UVB bulb if you do it right.

Coroplast makes a great divider. It's lightweight, small, affordable, waterproof...just about everything you could want it to be.
I would invest in a misting system and then go for it. For me a misting system makes my chams safer as they always get the needed water and me happier as I don't spend hours every day with a spray bottle.
Any number of chams is not difficult if you have the time and money. It's just getting used to a routine and sticking to it and you are fine. I agree that an automatic misting system is the one thing that makes cham keeping very easy.
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i can't say from personal experiance but currently i spend about 3 min a day with my current cham and i have the misting and all of the lights animated the only things i do is put the crickets in and pick up the papertowels i have on the bottom of the enclosure and this takes no time at all i would consider the three factors
1)cost of the extra food
2)cost of a misting system if one is not already imposed
3)(not very important) but the extra three min or so to clean the second encloser
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