How could I breed super worms ?

hey guys I was interested in breeding super worms but i wanted to see if there are any other experienced people that breed super worms what are some tips that they could give


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There's some good information in this thread. However, it's a lengthy process and probably not worth it if you only have a small collection, given that superworms are a treat food and shouldn't be more than 20% of your cham's diet, tops. I buy maybe 50 at a time for my panther girl and my insectivorous bird, and even that small number is more than enough for up to a month!


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I planned to start breeding these myself but as @GoodKarma19 stated, the juice is not worth the squeeze. Superworms last forever as long as you provide food/bedding/moisture. I have had my current worms for over 2 months and they are still active and plump. Buy a quantity that will feed your animal for 2-3 months and call it a day.
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