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is there any material that they have trouble sticking to as to avoid the cham from injuring their tongue? my veiled likes to eat mostly in privacy so id like to leave em in there...or perhaps luck with free ranging?


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I never had any issues. Id stick em on a vine and walk away. I grew them larger in my frog tank and they lived very healthy and long until i used them. They are pretty prickly so they shouldnt have an issue sticking to anything, except like smooth surfaces like plastic/metal...


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all my chams seems to learn how to eat a hornworm the right way now.
They all don't even bother to shoot at it anymore. They get right to the worm, chomp, and yank it off the vine.

They only do this to hornworms. Everything else, they hunt normally.
And, I do not train them in any way.
I think they learn from mistakes. :)
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