Hornworm INFO!


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I came across this timeline for hornworms since i thought one i had was dead and it was really in pupae stage..

Awesome... Thanks! This was perfect time for me to see this cause my hornworms are about to start to their next stage :D:D:D
DONT SET THEM FREE! Unfortunately as a gardeners these things can ravage someone's tomato garden in a few days. The moth will lay eggs which will hatch in the summer. Lucky in CT we have wasps which prey on them.

Picasso that picture you posted is a hornworms that is infected with parasites.......

I dont know what they are inserting into the hornworms..i posted the graph for the timeline :D
Thanks for the timeline I've got some moths cookin right now. Can't wait for them to hatch, my chameleons are gonna love them.
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