Hornmoths n silkmoths


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I'm wondering if hornmoths are like silkmoths n dont eat at all or i can feed this thing something. This is by far the ugliest animal i've ever seen! N i still have another coccoon too... Also i have a bunch of silkworm coccoons left over, does anyone know if they dont hatch after a certain time does that mean they are dead or something? Because the last time i had a silkmoth emerge was 4 weeks ago, and the rest haven't done anything. I believe most of them started coccooning in early february if that is any indicator.
Bump, does anyone know? I dont want this thing to die i wanted to save it for a few days but if it doesnt eat anything i have to feed it to my beardie..
Yes, hornworm moths do eat. But im not sure what. I have heard of using nector. Like you give humming birds. But im not possitive about this. Look up care sheets for horn worms and horn worm moths.
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