horn Worms into Moths?


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From what i have heard is that the horn worms i ordered from mullberry farms should turn into moths, but do i need to do anything special?

In the last batch that i had none of them began their pupate stage. They got real big and walked around the bottom for a bit, but then they just died. Is there any thing that i need to do to help them along the process???? Any info on their life cycle would be helpful, Thanks, also same qusetion about the silkworms.....
they probably weren't dead, before they pupate they lay like they are dead but you will see a big vein run down their back. i forget how long it takes but sometimes it takes a few days before they go from green to the brown aliens.
I don't believe any pet stores sell them. There aren't any pet stores areound here that even sell silk worms. You can order many types of feeders on line. I've had nothing but great experience with Mulberry Farms.
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