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I'm so excited. My new cham came home today! As soon as he hit the cage, he ate crickets, so I think he's starting out well. Anyways, I just wanted to ask a quick question. I notice (especially if he changes to a slightly darker shade) that he has white flakes on him. Is this the beginning of shedding or the end? The flakes are very sporadic and are hardly visible at all. Other than that, all I can do is sit and watch my new friend!
congrats on receiving the new cham :)

I am not sure about the flakes. Do you have any pics? Most likely it is related to shedding, but I can't say for sure.
Definitly shedding. About 11:00 last night he started falling apart. It took him a few hours but he finally got it all off. Pretty exciting stuff!
thats fine! they shed many times in there lives and will get more colorfull everytime you see em shed.

What kind did you get? the temps and such good?
I got a baby veiled. He's supposed to be almost 7 weeks old now. I have my ambient day time temp around 83 and basking at around 94. I think I might get one of those night heat lamps for him, since it gets around 68 at night in his cage. Other than that he has a raveneous appetite and seems happy and healthy!
Is there any way to help them out with their shed? He's all done except for a few flakes that seem stuck on him. Should I be helping him out with this last little bit, or will it be ok if I leave it alone. If I do need to help him with it, is there an easy way to do it? I seem to remember reading something about it can get infected?
Ensuring a proper humidity can help your chameleon shed properly. Some people will increase humidity and/or misting while a cham is shedding. I do not advise manually removing skin from your chameleon. However, there are situations where dead skin can tighten around a tail or foot and cutoff circulation. You would need to remove the skin in these circumstances. Make sure your humidity is at a proper level and give it a couple days.
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