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Discussion in 'Enclosures And Supplies' started by Danny200, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Danny200

    Danny200 New Member

    Dose anyone know How to make a Home Made Misting System i dont realy want to pay out about 100+ for one and is it even possible to make one?

    i know u can use spray bottles but was just wondering if u can make a home made one? i have an air pump if thats of any use?
  2. reyesjoshuacruz

    reyesjoshuacruz Established Member

  3. mdrossncsu

    mdrossncsu New Member

    Honestly, you're probably better off just buying one from herpmist.com or mistking.com. I don't think you'll save that much money building your own, and (not to be mean) there is always the change that a homemade one will suck; especially if you're asking for advice about it on a forum.

    If you really really want to build your own, one thing i can tell you is when selecting the pump look at PSI, not gal/min. You need the higher pressure to actually make the mist, flow rate does not matter as much.

    I did a quick google for some 100-150psi pumps and came up with this:
    looks like some of them are the same price as the whole kit from herpmist.com.
  4. Danny200

    Danny200 New Member

    ummmm... thanks but it dosent say HOW to build your own i mean i want to know like a nice guide or wat to use to make my own at home rather than buy i got a nice air pump so can i use that to maybe pun water into a spray or mist form i dont know.. hmm
  5. JoshCrane1

    JoshCrane1 New Member

    air pumps are for air, water pumps are for water.
  6. Danny200

    Danny200 New Member

    butt maybe u can use an air pump in say a water dish to make air bubles and make the water move mines a tropical fish air pump used with air stones so maybe putting it in water might make the water move im not sure
  7. JoshCrane1

    JoshCrane1 New Member

    chameleons dont drink out of dishes and even if they did it would be unsanitary.
  8. chequepoint

    chequepoint New Member

    This is the issue with trying to build some equipment like this by yourself.
    You have to source things from multiple vendors, which means shipping charges.

    You buy a pump someplace, and then have to pay to ship it, you find the nozzles somewhere else, and then have to pay to ship them, then you use gas driving all over town trying to find the rest of the plumbing, find it and then you have to pay tax on it, drive home, put it together.. you find out you forgot something, so more gas and time.

    You get it all together, add it up, and you probably spent just as much if not more than you would have buying a herpmist, plus a lot more time.

    The guys who sell these online buy in bulk, get discounts, save on shipping, etc.

    If you want to use an air pump to power your misting system, it would go something like this.

    1) The air pump would pump air into a sealed pressure vessel filled partway with water, bringing it up to a high psi, assuming your air pump was capable of this.
    2) You would need some kind of check valve to prevent it from over pressurizing, and some kind of controller that would turn the air pump off at a certain psi.
    3) some kind of solenoid valve would have to be attached to the plumbing and controlled by a lawn timer
    4) from there it would have to go to misting nozzles, etc.
  9. Danny200

    Danny200 New Member

    okey then do you know how i could make a homemade drip system then as i want to make sure it rinks and dosent only have drops from plants...
  10. chequepoint

    chequepoint New Member

    That could be done with a bucket on the ground, an aquarium water pump, and a commercial or homemade dripper (aka a very very clean peanut butter jar with a small small hole in the bottom, or something of that nature), plus a timer.

    At certain intervals the aquarium pump could pump water into the dripper, and then it would drip out. You could probably fine tune a system like this to work 3 times a day.

    BUT without float switches, etc. it's a pretty risky venture.
  11. Ryan Jarosek

    Ryan Jarosek New Member

    As soon as you decide you should have just purchased a system here is a great link to an affordable option. $150 will pay for itself in no time. I can not say enough about it. It is the single best purchase for my Chams I have ever made. Saves time and worry. It is reliable and works perfectly.

    Are you in California? If you are I think HerpMist might be at the Anaheim show (NBRC) ? You can save on shipping . the show is Sep 6-7 at the convention center.

  12. Nicodemayo

    Nicodemayo Avid Member

    Dude just get a little dripper from the pet store for like $10 lol
  13. Sang

    Sang New Member

    a mist system would be relativly easy,

    PCV piping, poly eurethane tubing, a mister head and either a pump that can draw up water from a reservoir or a sumbersable water pump.

    its just a matter of using animal safe materials and avoid using glues which prevent links.

    im sure one could be done for about 100 or so. but it'd be easier to buy a premade kit.
  14. Rocky

    Rocky Established Member

    goto home depot they can teach you how to do it :)

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