Home made cricket quencher?


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Ok so I'm running low on some flukers cricket quencher and was looking online if I could find it for cheaper then my local petsmart and came across a video on how to make it yourself. Has any of you done this befor and is it safe? I'm thinking of going to home depot to pick up some Soil Moist and doing this myself it looks like a good money saver :). Can someone let me know if this is safe or not please and any tips, pointers and suggestions would be nice. Thanks guys :D
The Soil moist product is fine, its all the same. 1 bag for a few dollars will last you a long time!!
I went to HomeDepo and they looked at me like if I was some kind of Looney. My local HD doesn't carry it , maybe ill go to walmart

Walmart I think should have it. When I searched google to buy online walmart was the first store that showed up. But thats online good luck though.
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