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  1. Brad

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    Hello all,

    Does anyone build their own cages? I was recently in my local Home Depot and noticed some materials that would probably make a very nice chameleon home. If anyone has experience or advice, I would greatly appreciate it.
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  2. BigBird

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    I have no confidence in my building skills so I bought my cage. I wanted it to look good. Has anyone used the Reptarium? I saw a big one at petsmart the other day. Wondering if they would be good for chameleons. The screen openings seemed kind of small. Also what about the oceanic lizard lounge?

    Here are a few links I have gathered:

    How to build one

    High quality

    Ive seen standard screen cages everywhere. Ebay even has a selection.
  3. Brad

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    Thanks for the links! The estimated prices lead me to believe the money saved by making my own might not be worth it. I will do some pricing next time I am at Lowes or Home Depot.
  4. Darkmind

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    Our you can keep your eyes out for a good deal on a cage in the paper or internet. You can find something cheap that needs a little work and TLC, if your willing to do a little work and refurbish something it can save you tons of money.

    For instance you can check this thread


    and see what I'm working on now. The whole set up only cost me $125 bones for the cage and the base, supplies were extra but I only need a little bit of sand paper and some sealant. The cage even came with lights and all the wiring need ta boot.

    Not a bad deal if ya ask me. :D
  5. Reptayls

    Reptayls New Member

    Ahhhh... as a matter of fact, yes! Hubby has built over 200 cages - most for chameleons, but many for beardies and blue-tongue skinks.

    Need help with the design?

    Reptayls, Ltd.
  6. ChamFreak

    ChamFreak Avid Member

    well I use repitariams, I find them very handy! They are measley $30 for 65 gallon setups! I know custom cages look little better but, why go through so much hassel? They also can withstand direct basking lights and very durable.
  7. Sunburst

    Sunburst New Member

    Yep I have matter of fact bought all my item's from Home depot, built 3 of these, made of pine stain and polyurethane. Done cheaply enough.

  8. Brad

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    WOW :eek: :eek:

    Very nice! I am jealous. Not only do the cages look sharp, but the inside of the cages look fantastic. You must have some happy chams :)

    Three questions:
    • What are the cage dimensions?
    • What material are you using for the floor?
    • Are those all live plants? What kind?
  9. Sunburst

    Sunburst New Member

    2 outside cages 24x24x48 center cage 24x32x48 all inches.

    Nothing on floor just 1/4 hardware cloth screening, that's why the tray is there to catch feces, water, dirt etc.

    Live plants used Ficus Benjamin, Palm plant, Crotons and Potho's.

    Fake plants on walls only to block view from each other, you know how those veileds are.
  10. Sunburst

    Sunburst New Member

    I started with a 65 gallon reptarium, as seen in center was OK until they grew out of it. Zippers sucks, bad lighting etc but worked ok.

  11. ChamFreak

    ChamFreak Avid Member

    Its very nice. I am gonna build one too. I also need one for mist setup and humidifier. But I have ideas from the cages ive seen. Thnks!
  12. ecoterrariumsupply

    ecoterrariumsupply New Member

    Nice cages sunburst

    Great work Sunburst, those cages are not only practical they are good looking as well. I might just have to build some of those for my chams as well :D

    thanks for sharing the pics.

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  13. Tarzansma

    Tarzansma New Member

    I have a chameleon and he's growing like a weed. I have a regular cage that I got from a specialty store, I'd say it's standard size for a smaller cham. But he's almost getting to be too big for it so I though it'd be fun to build one. And this one would be his permanent home, b/c I don't want to keep upgrading the size of the cage. SO, the questions are: What is a good size for a full grown veiled? How big can you go on the mesh w/o it being a problem? How big will he eventually get (roughly) ? I have tons more questions but that's all for this post. Thanks to anyone who responds -
  14. zero742

    zero742 New Member

    I've read that veileds can get anywhere(for males) around 12"-16". Females I think around a little smaller, around 10". As for screen, I have also read that you don't want the screen openings so small that they risk getting their toenails stuck in it. They can get ripped out and can become infected. I'm not really sure of the exact screen size, since I haven't built my adult cage yet, but I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to eyeball.
  15. Heika

    Heika New Member

    Hello! I built my first cage, and I haven't decided if I will build my second or not. I think I will.

    Size of the cage: As big as you can get it! The more room the better. For an adult male veiled, you should go at least 48" tall.

    Screen: Well, any size that keeps your cham in, pretty much. Of course, you need to consider the bugs too, but if you cup feed then that isn't too much of a problem. I have sun screen on mine, and like it because of the privacy it gives to my cham. I am not sure if I will use it on my next one though, because it is hard to see in the cage. I really enjoyed building my cage in a frustrating sort of way, and learned alot too. I ended up spending much more building it than it would have cost if I had just bought one though. I am considering building a vivarium type cage because of the low humidity in my area. Just thinking about it right now, maybe in the spring when the shop warms up. His cage is getting a bit small at 36" tall.

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  16. TheTurtleStore

    TheTurtleStore New Member

    Fancy meeting you here :) Here's an enclosure I built for my breeder turtles. I'm sure I can do something similar for the panthers. I'm thinking of building one about this same size, only up on end so it's taller than it is deep...with legs on the bottom of course :). I want to make "slide-in" panels so I can have one huge enclosure, or any combination up to 4 total (since I have 4 panthers). This way, to breed them, all I need to do is slide the panel open, and then get them on their own sides afterwards and slide the panel back in.

    I think this may be best for me with the automatic mister I am installing as well.
  17. TheTurtleStore

    TheTurtleStore New Member

    I will have parts lists, and full directions, including pictures for everyone if I decide to build it. That's why I took the pics of the turtle enclosure...you wouldn't believe how many people wanted one!
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  18. Heika

    Heika New Member

    Hi Scott,

    Nice to see you here! Your picture didn't show on your post...?

    I would like to see your turtle cages. There was a post a while back on another forum about a cage that a guy made out of window screen material from home depot that I keep thinking I may try. My thought was to build in a divider also so that in the event that I ever get a female, I can house her on one side and Spencer on the other. I would love to see what you have going, as a carpenter I am not. As long as it is easy, that is! I recently bought plans from a site online for a chameleon cage, but it is very similar to my own. In fact, I am not sure why I wasted my money as the plans aren't even very good. If I decide to stay with a screen cage, I think I will probably use the screen window idea. I will hunt around, I am fairly sure I saved some pics. I am not sure if it would be right to post someone else's pictures on another site tho...

  19. TheTurtleStore

    TheTurtleStore New Member

    check here...
    I am going to make it similarly with hardware cloth...I just wish I could get my chams to eat out of a cup...I don't want crickets all over the place. Maybe I'll just stick to silkworms. :)
  20. Heika

    Heika New Member

    Hi Scott,

    Love the way your turtle enclosure turned out! It is very nice.


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