Holy Poop!


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So the last couple days, my chameleon has been a little cranky. I couldn't figure out why, because I hadn't really changed anything in his routine. A few minutes ago, I walked into my room and saw this! Thinking more, about a week and a half ago, I started feeding him superworms (because he LOVES mealworms, but mealworms aren't really a staple food). So for this week and a half, he has been getting his regular amount of crickets, then if he finishes them, he gets offeres 2-3 superworms (which he almost always eats)

Do you think the superworms could have backed him up? It looks like there are 2-3 poops combined in there!


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Sometimes my chams just do a larger than usual offering.:eek: But superworms can back them up and are not as good as a daily food.
Popeye has gone for three weeks+ without a poop. When he did go it weighed 10g.:D
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