Hobbes made a dramatic entrance


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So I've watched all the youtube videos of "unboxing," in which new owners pull out containers of sweet, perky little chameleon babies that are easy to move into their new enclosure -- and so, I didn't expect what actually happened when Hobbes arrived this morning.

Hissing and gaping! But he looks great. He did jump off my hand during transfer to the cage, though :( It wasn't a good landing, either. What should I be watching for after a fall like that?

Calmer in the cage.

But he still hates the camera!



A fun line a red dots all the way down his tail :)

I really hope he will be a bit happier soon, and perhaps more comfortable with the camera. I may set up a small free range for him soon so he can join me in the living room while I study.

I like my vine choice, holds water well.
Is that a tote bag he came in? From what I've heard and done is you want to set them in the cage and let them climb out on there own rather than grabbing them after their stressful travel. But that's usually with cups I don't know about the bags.

Look for weirdness while he's walking and any oddly bent limbs. But depending on the height, chameleons do fall sometimes and do alright. Mine fell as a baby from the top of his cage (about 18") and was ok after he got over his embarrassment haha.
Yes, I probably should have just set the bag in the cage :/

His limbs and movement all look great.

He is beautiful, and I hope he stops hiding soon :p
hahaha the bag was certainly exciting but I felt so bad for him, he was terrified. There was a lot of running and biting :( (fortunately, it didn't hurt)
Cute little guy you have, love that tail pattern of red dots.

You have to be careful of the 'suicide drop' as they do that when afraid and
to escape a predator.
Their bodies are adapted to falling, and unless it's from a great height, and
on concrete or something really hard, they don't get hurt.

I suggest checking out my blog on how to tame a cham.
You may find some useful info in it :)

There is nothing wrong with taking them out of their shipper if they are calm
and will willingly get on your hand, but that normally is not the case.
They are usually scared to death!! and you really should place the deli cup in their new cage and let them come out on their own to minimize the stress of the move and new surroundings.
Awesome Kyle :) I bet she's gorgeous. May I be nosy and ask for pics of your nosy? :D *tacky*

Oh, good, this thing has a name! "Suicide drop" sounds accurate haha. I am going to browse through your blog for sure. And next time around, I will be putting the new arrival in the cage, cup/bag and all!
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