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I picked up 2 hibiscus plants for my cham cage this weekend. I did not realize how many diffrent types there were, or are there? One I picked up had blue flowers, and the other had Red flowers. They both were Hibiscus. There were many colors of flowers availble. My question is, Is there any I should stay away from? Anything I need to know? I have read that Hibiscus are great plants for veilds, and they enjoy the flowers, but didnt realize the variety. Any coments are welcome. Thanks

I use hibiscus but I've found that they only do well long term in my outdoor enclosures. Indoors, they don't last near as long as shefflera or ficus. Now on the other hand, in outdoor enclosures they thrive and do better than anything else that I've tried. I think that they prefer full sun. If you rotate it outside or have more intense lighting than I do it might do well for you.
I thought about those for mine but I didn't think that they would flower with out a high discharge bulb (high pressure sodium, metal haliden, or mercury vapor). I just use repti-sun flourescents and a normal incandscent. If anyone has gotten them to bloom like that I would be interested to hear about. I have just hung up flowers before and they have ate them. It would be cooler if I could get a plant like that in there for dessert.
I was just wondering if there was a diffrence with all the flowers being diffrent colors. If there were any to stay away from. But it sounds like I am good to go.

I know this is probably is a no but my mom grows hibiscuis on the patio. Where there is slot of sun so I wanted to know if I clean it off can I put it in my chameleons cage? Don't yell at me I just would like to know and I understand if it's a no, thanks everyone.
There isn't a difference in the plants 'safeness' as long as it's of the hibiscus genera (I think its genera maybe one of the other scientific names for the hibiscus family! lol!) The flowers can be any colour and it'll be just as safe!

If you're using it indoors you might want to try camellia. Mine is flourishing right now, grown a good 6 inches in 3 weeks. Think that'll be all the growth I get this season (maybe a little more) but I'm starting to get flower buds developing now which should be a treat.
Can someone please help

Sorry mate, missed that question. Yeah, that'll be fine! Give it a shower for a while in a shower (nothing too hard else you'll break it) to get rid of any possible pesticides and if its already potted, you may want to cover the mud/fertiliser/whatever is in the pot as your cham will want to eat it as it'll have loads of nutrients in it for the plants growth.
Who hasn't touched it? Your mum or your cham? It might take your cham a while to adjust to it being there! They really hate change! :p
Actually Blue hibiscus are a different type, they are a form of temperate hibiscus and only the flowers are edible, not the leaves, the red is all edible.
Is that hibiscus Rosa sinensis yourtalking about? Mine had red flowers, but he didnt eat them, he did eat the leavesthough withoutany apparent harmful effect say 6-8 weeks ago. The plant died and I removed it. Its on the safe list here. :)
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