hi just wanted to say wats up


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im from london ont Canada ...i have a 8 month old veiled chaeleon named rex..........i had him since he was 2 months i think.......chams r the coolest pet i have ever had ....................so ya just wanted to say hello and introduce myself:):)
hello there, welcome to the forums. I am from Stratford but often work in/around London. You will find anything you need to know about chameleon husbandry on this site. When I first got my female veiled I was just doing what the petstore and a few various websites said to do (which was quite wrong in some cases) until I found a pile of info on good husbandry on this site and all has been good since.
hello and welcome to chameleon forums this site is great, i too am from onatrio canada nice to see another canadian here. be sure to post some pics of your cham and check out the photo contest its a fun way to share pics and see other members chams.
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