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Hi all. I have inherited a panther chameleon. He's 18 months old. I used to work with reptiles of all kinds but it was a long time ago and i've not actually had any of my own before.

A friend of a friend had to move house and is not allowed to have any pets in the new place (or so he is saying). He tried for 3 months to rehome it with no luck so, I said i'd take him. Rather me have him and learn how to take care of him properly than be given away free to someone who's not willing to learn.

He's apparently friendly but doesn't seem to be at the moment. I guess he's just settling in as he only arrived yesterday. I opened his cage this morning to release some crickets and he started hissing at me!!! Yet my friend said his mate handles him with out any problems at all.

He has fallen off his branches a few times. What does this mean please?

He has a rainfall watering system and i've got crickets for him, which he doesn't seem very good at catching. I have some superload powder for the crickets and some calcium plus powder to dust them with.

He's in a mesh habitiat with lots of branches and greenery. I think I should buy him a bigger habitiat though. The specs state it's for a chameleon but it doesn't seem very big. It's 14" x 14" x 30" high. Is that big enough?

He's got a UVA/B light and a blue light heating bulb. Both on in the day, both off at night as our house is warm enough. Temp under lamp is 34 degrees C and it's cooler towards the bottom of the habitat.

I don't know what his care was like before he was delivered to me.

He's eaten about 6 crickets so far today. Is he hungry? Shall I feed until he stops eating.

Where do I go from here please?
Hi and welcome to the forums. The thing that worries me the most is that it's usually not a good sign when chameleons fall off what they are holding on to. Also yes that enclosure is a little small, for an adult panther chameleon you really need at least a 24x24x48 enclosure. He will definitely need a few days if not a week or more to get properly settled. Please read all of this (https://www.chameleonforums.com/care/chameleons/) there are multiple sections to it and ask any more question that you may have. Good luck!
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